Releasing Control - Fostering Creativity this Mother's Day

Author: Anna Munro   Date Posted: 12 April 2018 



With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s sure to be a feature in your educational plan (if it's craft materials you're after, get them here). How can we use this occassion to empower children to create a gift with meaning? How can we enable a child to create something special for Mum?

Most children love to express themselves through art and craft. With a nod to the Reggio Emilia approach, we want to enable the child to express their own understanding of the task at hand. A living process in which the end result is not prescribed.

Children aged 1 to 5 have an excellent capacity to share WHATEVER they feel towards others. There's no better time to let them express their feelings through creativity for their Mum.

You may already have crafting gift traditions…. Each Mother’s Day may be a jewelled frame or a decorative mug. These gifts are great! But are you:

Provoking ideas from the children?
Co-exploring the learning experience?
Organising the materials to help children make thoughtful decisions?
Helping children express their knowledge through these projects?

Does every frame and mug look stunningly beautiful but the SAME? They can also look stunningly beautiful and DIFFERENT!

Lara our founder here at Offspring Education said that one of her favourite gifts from her daughter is this decorated mug pictured below. Her daughter had mixed all of the paint together to form a colour reflecting that of a poo brown... which she then smeared strategically onto the mug. Lara smiles and laughs as she thinks about drinking from her treasured gift.




My favourite gift was this calendar from my daughter while at 4 year old kinder. I love this calendar because I could tell the picture she drew was not prescribed. A picture of our family (including our cat) under a rainbow with a blue sky and butterflies...







Self Portrait Shadow Boxes


There is so much to love about this activity! This captures the essence of the child and is not too difficult for 3 and 4 year olds. This post from Meri Cherry is worth the read. She even got them to make their own colour and name it for the frame!

Think about the sense of pride each child would have in a piece of work they did with a colour they created and named. How cool is that!!?


Loose Part Heaven


This beautiful set up from @darlamyersclass is so inviting. A little bit of structure but oozing creative expression with all of those wonderful pieces that children can choose to experiment with their own ideas to create something extra special to them.


Wire Wrapped Rocks


Threading beads and buttons are fun, great for fine motor skills and these rocks look awesome. Claire Menzies writes a guest post about this idea on Fun at Home with Kids Blog.


We have so many great resources and crafty bits to create your special gifts for Mum

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