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Hi! This is our team that drives Offspring Education



I’m Lara & I’m the founder of Offspring Education. I’m guessing you have made your way to our About Us page because you want to know a bit about what we do and why we do it.

First and foremost, I’m a Mum to two amazing little beings. Before all that I was teacher.

As a teacher, I wanted every single one of my students to love learning. To enjoy school. To be the best possible person they could be. But, I soon realised that was easier said than done. 

I was teaching year 7... by the time they got to high school, hormones were kicking in. Most of the kids I saw had lost their passion for learning. And unfortunately, they had encountered more bad experiences at school than good.

With an overcrowded curriculum, ridiculous student-teacher ratios and not enough support when it was needed, I quickly became deflated. After 4 years I was happy to say good-bye to the profession and start my journey as a Mum.

But then I missed it. REALLY missed it.

Education is something I value so very highly. I come from a family of teachers, so I guess you say it’s in my veins. But I didn't want to go back to the classroom. I wanted to do something that would make teaching easier. Relieve some of the pressure that teachers feel every day. The idea of getting parents involved in the education of their child during the early years was how Offspring Education started and we sure have evolved from there!

Seeing my own little ones grow and learn so much through play during their first 5 years of life, made me realise just how pivotal play was to learning in those early years.

Play-based learning is our backbone at Offspring Education.


Our Purpose


To help educators create incredible & sustainable learning environments for every child to reach their full potential through play.


Our Vision


A world where every child has access to an education that empowers them to be the best person they can be, in an environment that benefits the children of tomorrow.


Our Mission


To supply world class educational and environmentally friendly resources & furniture to educational settings. To inspire educators through professional knowledge based on best practice research that will improve learning outcomes for children all over the world.


Our Values


  • Empowering children through education
  • Empowering educators through passion and knowledge
  • Engaging learning environments
  • A child's right to play
  • Child-centred learning
  • Curiousity, Questioning, Exploring, Challenging, Creating


By facilitating play, educators will give children opportunities to reach their full potential

Together we will create a generation of lifelong learners and game changers

Learning through play the sustainable way





Author: Anna Munro   Date Posted: 11 April 2019