3 Crafty Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

Author: Anna Munro   Date Posted: 19 July 2018 




We have searched for Father’s Day crafts with children in mind. There are so many craft ideas for children posted online… but when you think of a child making that perfectly shaped, cut and coloured paper tie, how much of the process did a child independently make? Reality is, perhaps not that much!

Our three craft ideas below are selected based on the process involved to make them. The process being one that children can do majority of (if not all). The outcome of the craft will therefore not look the same! But isn't that the great thing about children making craft? The outcome (in this case the Father's Day gift) is not as important as the work and thought that the child put into creating it.

These 3 crafty gifts will look great because the child's input will be visibly obvious. Fancy that. A Father's Day gift actually made by their child. Dad’s out there will be sure to love receiving one of these.

Pop one of these crafty gifts into your early learning program plan.


Our 3 crafty ideas we've found are:











Photo credit www.instagram.com/teachstarter/


This is such a great idea. Not only does Dad get a little bag full of rocks but he can also play noughts and crosses with his child who made them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could head out on a nature hunt and get the children to source their own rocks? We know that is not always possible. So we have nature already bundled together and cleaned. You could try this activity with our black pebbles and let the children use white porcelain markers to draw their own noughts and crosses on to the rocks. Even if it doesn't look like a nought and a cross - this will surely add to the game with Dad!

How to make ‘DAD YOU ROCK’:

  1. Source your rocks. If finding your own, give them to the children dirty with a tub of soapy water and a scrubbing brush
  2. Ensure the rocks are dry before letting the children draw on their noughts and crosses.
  3. Children then decorate their bag for Dad to keep the stones in.

Need supplies? We’ve got you covered. Links below to our website:

Small Paper Bags


White Porcelain Markers




Photo credit @mirisnursery


This art piece can be tailored to any age child, without have too much input from an adult.

How to make your PAPER TAPE PAINT

  1. Using a white canvas tape the letters ‘DAD’. For young children (approximately 1 to 2 years), you could pre tape these letters before starting the project. For older children (approximately 3 to 5 years), you could lightly pencil the letters onto the canvas for them to tape over themselves. This activity of dispensing the tape and sticking it over the letters is excellent for their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With every child being different, the amount of help in this craft activity is easily modified to suit all levels of ability.
  2. Provide brushes, sponges and paint for children to create their artwork on the canvas over the tape.
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. Children can remove their own tape, revealing ‘DAD’ in white under their artwork. VIOLA!


Need supplies? We’ve got you covered. Links below to our website:

Canvas Board (10cm pack of 10)

Masking Tape

Paint (we have all sorts of paint!)

Glitter (lots of glitter too! Take your pick)




Photo credit @louises_childcare


This activity would be even better if children find their own rocks outside.

How to make your photo stones:

  1. Source your rocks.
  2. Fill up a tub of soapy water and let children scrub their own rocks clean and dry them.
  3. Get painting. Children paint their rocks. Allow rocks to dry.
  4. Children also paint a piece of paper (which you can write a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ note on). Allow to dry.
  5. Add a photo! Take a photo of each child. Print these on paper.
  6. Stick the painted note on the reverse of the photo.  Laminate these together.
  7. Use thin wire and wrap around the rock and extending upright to hold the photo.


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