Five Steps to a Successful Group Project in Early Childhood

Author: Jacinta Damons   Date Posted: 2 March 2017 

What exactly are projects?

Group projects are generally long term projects exploring a certain topic or interest. They can derive spontaneously from a child’s interest or may be intentional from the very beginning. Here are five key steps you can follow to ensure you have project success!

1. Choose a topic

Once the topic is clear and the children are keen to create some input, I often introduce a group brainstorming process. A brainstorm has collaborative input in relation to the topic which enriches each child’s learning and extends on new possibilities.

2. Get resource-full!          

It’s then time to think about gathering all of the resources required for the group project, thinking ahead quite systematically and competently. Doing this sets you up for success as opposed to getting a few resources which quickly loses momentum. You may also notice that the children will lose interest if you are not focussed and feeling confident in the message and delivery of the whole project.

3. Record, recap, record!

Once the project is created, be sure to document the progress from the beginning, taking photos along the way to capture great learning moments, it is then important to re-cap the project with another learning resource. I often introduce a song that has a strong message that reflects the topic, or a story book that can bring home a great message in relation to the topic of the project. By doing this you are extending and enriching the project into its next phase for children to interact and learn via a different range of media.

4. Present the project

It’s important to present your group project within the room using quality Early Childhood documentation, not quantity.  Showcase the evidence and analysis of learning, making it very visible for all to see. Parents love to see what their children are learning especially if It catches their eye and “Pops” when they come into the room.

5. Reflection

Finally, we need to critically reflect on what we did. What worked, what didn’t work so well and what we could improve next time we take on a project. A lot of educators miss this step but the only we are going to improve as a professional is through reflection on practice. It doesn’t need to be huge. But it does need to be done.

Dive in, be creative and enjoy the learning journey!

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