Easter Craft: Should we or shouldn't we?

Author: Anna Munro   Date Posted: 20 March 2019 


Easter Craft: Should we or shouldn't we



Some of you might be questioning whether you should be doing Easter craft with your children? 

In this Podcast, Lara gives you a few things to think about so your children's craft experience can be culturally meaningful AND a fun creative experience at the same time. 

Lara discusses:

  • Traditional Easter craft
  • What's the level of educator input? Can a child complete the craft themselves and take full ownership and pride in the piece?
  • Is Easter culturally relevant to your families of children in care?
  • Enriching your program - Making seasonal craft activties a meaningful cultural experience
  • Who is choosing outcome of the craft activity? Can children express who they are in the activity? 

This Podcast specifically mentions Easter craft but this information is relevant and applicable to any seasonal event


Listen to this Podcast here


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