Engaging ways to play with Branch Cuts

Author: Anna Munro   Date Posted: 15 January 2019 



Offspring Tribe presents...

Engaging ways to play with Branch Cuts


Did you know these little beauties are made from off cuts? Re-purposing and re-using Mother Nature's gifts. This is one reason why we ADORE these little chips of wood. 

For many more reasons to love Branch Cuts, check out how our Offspring Tribe incorporated these into engaging play ideas. 

Our Tribe did not dissapoint! They have shared their awesome ideas and we've collaborated them for you below.

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Imaginative play and story telling...



Fox Family Day Care, provided a grass mat laid out with Branch Cuts, a blue felt mat, wooden shapes and animal & people figures. The Branch Cuts were laid out to create a path. This small world play set up encourages imaginative play, story telling, communication and fine motor skills.


Loose parts play...



Explore & Develop Freshwater provided a variety of natural elements and a ball of play dough on a wooden board.

This set up invites sensory exploration, fine motor skill development and creativity as well as investigation and exploration of natural resources.


Explore the cooking process...



Isle of Capri Early Learning Centre provided a baking tray and outdoor kitchen with the Branch Cuts and sprinkles to encourage exploration of the cooking process.


Create a gift or a keepsake...



Rockbank PreSchool provided colourful beads, threading string and Branch Cuts to encourage children to thread their own key ring chain.

The children at Rockbank PreSchool created their own key ring chains at the end of their year of four year old kinder. They got to take their key chain home as Christmas gifts for friends and family. These key ring chains could also be name tags for school bags as kinder children move into Prep... a great activity for pre school children starting school the following year.


Exploring circles...



Harmony Early Learning Journey Braybook provided a set up to explore circles. They displayed the Branch Cuts in conjunction with a book about circles and a wooden tray displaying a variety of circular shaped objects.


This activity encouraged shape identification. Including a book about circles could extend learning outcomes into letter recognition and literacy skills.

Engagement with the circular objects on the wooden tray promotes fine motor skills and encourages counting, sorting and matching.


Design your own symbol matching game...



Niccola Drake from An Idea on Tuesday provided Branch Cuts with a matching pair of hand drawn symbols. This activity encourages symbol matching, ordering and identification. By providing this activity on a natural object (such as a Branch Cut) there is also be opportunity to explore a natural resource.

An extension of this activity could be to ask children what symbols they would like drawn or provide a some blank Branch Cuts and a texter for children to draw their own symbols.


Create a jungle among your plants...



Create a jungle space among some potted plants you have on the floor of your early learning centre. To create this jungle, provide natural materials such as Branch Cuts, drift wood, and some stones around and in between your pots. Add in some wild animals to complete your jungle set up.

Learning Outcomes of this activity could be imaginative play, communication skills and exploration of natural materials.





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