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Author: Anna Munro   Date Posted: 28 August 2018 





What is #CareFactor all about?


We want children to be able to care for the natural environment that they are a part of. To do this, we have to embed this knowledge, positive connection and care about nature in the early years. A fundamental part of this is choosing which resources to put in to an early education setting.

We have introduced #CareFactor to help identify resources that are sustainable. Resources that are made with natural and recycled materials and also resources that are made in a socially responsible way.

Before we stock a product at Offspring Education, we ensure we know about it! We look look at:

  • What types of materials are used?
  • What is the production process like?
  • How the product is packaged?
  • What are the working conditions like for the people who make the product? 
  • Does the manufacturer care about environmental sustainability?


This is a HUGE part of our policy.

We care a lot about the type of products we sell.



The 5 Elements of #CareFactor



Care for our forests

Sustainably sourced, FSC certified, high quality wood

Improving wellbeing by bringing the natural world indoors

View our brands who care about their Timber




Care for the environment 

Dyes derived from plants — roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood.

Natural fibers

Non Toxic Paint - organic pigments and bio-degradable thickeners making it non-toxic to children and not harmful to the environment.

View our brands who use Natural Dyes / Fibers / Non Toxic Paint




Care for the environment 

Creating new products from waste products

Creating something tangible and meaningful

Old becomes new

View our brands who care about recycled materials




Care for the environment through considered packaging

Minimal packaging

Recycled packaging

Thoughtful and sustainable packaging

View our brands who care about their packaging




Care for the workers and communities who make the products

Fair trade, encouraging enterprise

Building market places which provide equal access to benefits

View our brands who care about people



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