Christmas with #CareFactor - Centre Registration

Author: Anna Munro   Date Posted: 11 September 2018 


This is not your standard Christmas toy fundraiser.

All of the products in 'Christmas with #CareFactor' are sustainable.

Products that are made with care for the environment, care for the people who created them and care for the children who play with them.

Unfortunatley, registrations for Christmas with #Carefactor 2018 have now closed! If this is something your Service would like to be involved with, subscribe to our newsletter so you hear about it next year.

If you registered, hello there! Thanks for having the #CareFactor. You're Service is enabling families to give a sustainable gift this Christmas. You'll also earn your Centre 20 cents of every dollar spent. Wahoo!

By registering, we've assigned your Centre with a unique Code (you'll find your Code at the top right of your Catalogues).  Families will enter this code at the checkout so your $$$'s earned can be tallied in your account.  

Don't we all love a free resource or few!


Shop our 20 #CareFactor products here


Thanks for having the #CareFactor!