Give the Gift of Development for the 0-2s

Author: Lara   Date Posted: 10 November 2016 


So who’s got everything organised for Christmas?  


Certainly not me!  (Side Note: If anyone has a gift idea I can use for the family KK that would be great!)


If you are likely to be running from shop to shop in the days leading up to Christmas finishing off your shopping, grabbing whatever gift you set your eyes on, I’d like to offer you an easy alternative: do your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home with Offspring Education!  We have a huge range of educational and ethical toys for children of all ages and they are guaranteed to love them!


Let's start at the start with the infants. Below you will get an idea of what learning and development takes place in this age and the perfect gifts to get that will hone in on those skills and knowledge so thay our babies can reach their full potential.


Babies 0-3 months

These tiny little treasures are learning to control their bodies and gaining strength.  They will turn their heads towards sound or light, learn to grasp objects and begin to lift their heads as they lie on their tummies.  Gifts for this age group need to be simple and engaging whilst also being safe to be sucked and gnawed on!  

The wooden Discoveroo Bendy Caterpillar is ideal for small hands to grasp and manipulate and totally safe for little mouths.

Our Hand Grasping Bee, Fish and Butterfly also have a small moveable bead securely attached to them that allows movement and sound to occur as baby moves the toy in their hands.  

The Yellow Rectangle Grasping Ring is easy for small hands to hold and creates a lovely rattle as it is moved.  


Babies 3-6 months

Babies of this age are experiencing more awake time and are much more engaged with their surroundings.  They eagerly look around at their environment and enjoy experimenting with sounds that they create.  At this age babies will reach for toys with two hands and more often than not these will be in their mouth before you have a chance to stop them!   Toys that create sound when they are played with are always a winner with this age group.

Musical Inchworm is a perfect gift for children of this age - he’s cuddly, colourful, tactile and he plays music when his nose is squeezed!.

And the Discoveroo Baby Play Gym is a beautiful way for babies to enjoy movement and sound as they lie below, flailing their arms and kicking their legs to make contact with the hanging objects and begin to learn to control their movements with more precision.


Babies 6-9 months

Around this age they will discover that items they hold can be dropped to the floor - a game that all parents know well!

Tobbles Neo are a great way for children to explore shapes, colours and textures.  These are easy to grip for little hands and children are encouraged to build them up and explore the possibilities.

Sensory Blocks are a beautiful way for small children to explore colour, sound and movement.  These engaging blocks give babies the opportunity to grasp, create sound and engage in basic sensory play.

Hape’s Wooden Books are a lovely way to spend quiet time with babies of this age as they become engaged in the colourful illustrations and take part in turning pages.


Babies 9-12 months

This is the time when babies really begin to move around by rolling, crawling and some are even walking - eek!  They will engage in manipulating toys, especially those that create movement.  They may also enjoy sharing their toys with adults - if you’re lucky!

The Hape Butterfly Push Pal engages children as it flutters when moved.  Children will love to push it around and see how they can influence its movement.

If your baby loves animals, they’ll love Hape’s Walkalong Caterpillar, Crocodile, Hedgehog, Puppy and Snail.  These toys on wheels create movement as baby walks or crawls along with them.

The Windmill Stackeroo encourages collaboration and motor skill development and is beautifully engaging with colour and texture.


Babies 12-18 months

A baby’s pincer grip is developed at this stage and they enjoy picking up small objects and inspecting them closely. They will babble in conversation and understand simple instructions which encourages interaction.

The Hape Roller Derby allows babies to grasp balls and place them on the top where they roll to the bottom.  They discover that they are in control of how the toy works and can make it go again and again.

Hape’s Wonder Walker encourages baby to pull themselves up and walk with assistance and it also incorporates colourful and tactile play opportunities.

Every child of this age needs a set of blocks!  This Colourful Set of 50 Blocks is enticing to their eyes and encourages them to experiment with building.


Babies 18-24 months

Oh, how these babies love their nursery rhymes!  They enjoy the lyric musicality of the words and will often ask for their favourites time and time again.  At this age babies are climbing, walking, running, pushing and pulling toys and following simple instructions.

Share your favourite nursery rhymes illustrated in eye catching colours with this Set of 5 Nursery Rhyme Books.  

The Hape Take Along Activity Box will keep little ones engaged as they experiment with colour and movement on each surface.

Every child needs a Grimm’s Stacking Rainbow!  The gorgeous colours encourage play by nesting and building the wooden arcs in many different ways.


Take care of your Christmas shopping early in our Offspring Education online store and avoid any rush in December!  We’d love to help you surprise and delight the littlest ones who are near and dear to you - if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will help you out!


Happy easy Christmas shopping!


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