New Accounts

This page shows you how to Register as a User on this website.

When you first arrive at the Offspring Education website you can search and browse right through the site without any need to be registered at all. You can have a good look around and see all of the products we have to offer. You can shop and add items to your shopping cart but if you decide that you would like to make a purchase from the site or get a Quote from us (as we hope you will) then you will need to register with us before you can Check Out and confirm your order.

The Registration process is quite straight forward but it does require you to be accurate with the data you enter as some of this information (email address and password etc)  is used as a security control to make sure that you are the only person able to access your user account in the future. Also it is important to make sure both billing and shipping addresses are accurate and valid so that all deliveries can be completed on time.

Anyway - how do you go about registering an account?


We offer two types of user accounts:

  1. General Accounts - pre-approved and available as soon as you enter the site (allows discounted pricing and requires immediate payment by credit card).
  2. Educational Accounts - available to approved educational organisations only (allows discounted pricing and permits purchases to be charged to an account).

Click here to see more detail about Educational Accounts 

If you are a school or approved childcare or educational institution, you should contact us so that we can upgrade your account to an "Educational" user account and you can benefit from further discounted pricing and credit terms. For further details click here: