Our Team

Author: Anna Munro   Date Posted: 11 April 2019 



This is Lara,

Passionate Lady In Charge at Offspring Education.

Also known as the Founder and CEO.

Lara is extremely passionate about what she does. Lara dreams of a world where EVERY child has access to an education that empowers them to be the best person they can be. She's had first hand experience of the system a teacher. She's seen the reality of what some children are facing in schools.

Offspring Education is Lara's vehicle to make some change. To empower children through education and to empower educators through passion and knowledge. Read more about Lara's story here

Lara is a mum of two and does a whole lot of amazing things. Keeping plants alive is not one of them.  Lara is currently trying to change this title, revealling she's had some spurts of growth in her garden. Only time shall tell if she's an amazing gardener too.




This is Ashlee,

The pillar that holds up Offspring Education. She's Lara's right hand woman. And possibly the left.

Also known as being in charge of Administration & Accounts.

If you call Offspring Education, you'll most likely speak to Ash. She manages the office and keeps it at a nice tropical temperature. 

Ashlee is a mum of two and is Offspring's Jill of all trades. She's just taken up ocean diving. Ask her about it the next time you call. She's pretty passionate about it.




This is Kylie,

Kylie is tasked with getting to know you and your business. She's the nurturer of customer's at Offspring Education.

Also known as Offspring Education's Sales Representative.

She know's our products through and through. 

Kylie is a mum of two boys and is also a crafty pants. She has a dedicated craft room at her house and makes amazing arty things! She's an extroidinary painter.




This is Millie,

Millie makes your requests for the things you require appear at your door. She selects, carefully packs and gets your orders shipped to you. She also does a whole lot more than that (I, the writer, just doesn't know enough about the warehouse to say what they are).

Also known as our Warehouse Administrator.

Millie has an eye for detail and likes things to be in order. If you are going to write notes on the whiteboard in the warehouse, ensure you keep it the same colour and font style people!

If Millie is not at work, she is most likely in Bali.




This is Amee,

She does a similar role to Millie except Amee doesn't mind using different coloured whiteboard markers. 

Amee is also a Warehouse Administrator.

Amee is a mum of two and is a person who gets on with the job. She loves things being clean and tidy too.




This is Anna,

Showcaser of amazing products and awesome ideas to inspire educators. She zhooshes things up to look pretty on the page.

Also known as being in charge of Marketing at Offspring Education. 

A mum of three and former Family Day Carer. She believes that one day she will actually practice yoga and meditate rather than just think about it.





These photos are from a wonderful team day out with lunch and a mini portrait session at The Boathouse over looking the Maribyrnong River. Lara wanted to thank her team for standing by her as she went through some challenges.

The day was captured beautifully by Beth from Beth Jennings Photography (no relation). Beth's open and calming presence helped us all relax to get these shots. What a fun day!