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So helpful and friendly

Sent In By: on 27 July 2018
I just want to thank Scott for being so helpful and friendly when it comes to orders! I pre-ordered some bulk glue and he messaged me personally and told me that it wouldn’t be another month till that glue would be in and swapped my order around to 4L glues and refunded the difference, recently I stuffed up an order and clicked 2L glue instead of 4L even though the same price and he’s gone above and beyond to fix my order, this customer service will continuously bring me back to offspring education and I’ll be making all my future orders through this company as well as recommending to others! Thanks Scott! - source: FACEBOOK

Great to work with

Sent In By: on 27 July 2018
I've been working with Lara and the team for a few weeks now and can honestly say its been a pleasure. A+

Offspring Education Ltd Response
Thanks so much Peter, its been a pleasure on our side too.