Term One 2017 Schedule

The Power of Positive Relationships

Wednesday 8th February 2017, 7pm to 9pm

The essence of Belonging, Being and Becoming stems from the relationships we have as educators with the children in our care, families and other educators. When we have positive relationships, we reap so many benefits including improvement in the behaviours and learning outcomes of the children in our care.

Children need positive relationships to be able to reach their full potential.

This workshop will cover

  • What theorists say about relationships in early childhood;
  • The impact of relationships on brain development;
  • How we can use positive relationships to guide behaviour; and
  • Strategies to use when there is a relationship break down

Presented by Sandra McCarthy


Behaviours: An Area of Learning

Linking behaviour with brain development

Wednesday 22nd February, 7pm to 9pm 

As professional educators, we are often challenged by the behaviours of the little people in our care. They really do have a mind and will of their own! Unfortunately, no child comes with an instruction manual of how to provide the right support and guidance so they can reach their full potential. To make things even more difficult, when we are working with children with additional needs, what works one day may not work as well the next day and we can feel like we are back to square one!

This workshop will cover:

  • How behaviour is learnt;
  • Linking behaviour with development;
  • Connections between behaviour and brain development
  • The impact of our values & beliefs about behaviour and
  • Strategies to support children in your setting
Presented by Sandra McCarthy


Creating Peaceful Playspaces to Combat Stress in Early Childhood

Wednesday 1st March 2017, 7pm to 9pm

This professional learning session will assist educators to understand some of the causes of stress in young children and how children experience stress. It will provide educators with a variety of practical strategies that can be implemented in day to day practises within their early childhood programs and care environments. Educators will be able to explore a variety of opportunities and experiences that can be implemented in creating quiet, calming and peaceful play spaces for children - where children can just be...

This workshop will cover:

  • Identifying the stresses in young children;
  •  Identifying the causes of stresses in young children;
  • Strategies to support children in reducing stress and
  • Implementing quiet and calming places for children
 Presented by Brenda Ward


Planning Cycle in Action

Wednesday 8th March, 7pm to 9pm

This workshop is for educators who are not confident in their knowledge and application of the cycle of planning. It will identify the documents that will guide and support your cycle of planning and discuss elements of pedagogy which underpin your practices.

This workshop will cover:

  • Elements of the planning cycle
  • Documents to support the planning cycle
  • Understanding how to implement the cycle into everyday practices
  • Linking with National Quality Framework
Presented by Sandra McCarthy


The Coat of Many Colours: Our Project Journey in Early Childhood

Wednesday 22nd March, 7pm to 9pm

Are you looking for another way to discover the wonder in children’s minds? A project can be the perfect
opportunity to give meaning to children’s learning and ideas as well as activate each child’s voice as they
contribute in a unique and empowering way to a group project.

Jacinta’s Coat of Many Colours workshop will take you on a journey of discovery as she explains just how this
happens in her every day practice through provocations and extensions based on colour texture, culture and
diversity, not to mention sustainability.

Using the EYLF, Jacinta will discuss with you how you can use this learning tool with the children in your room
or for the centre in readiness for assessment and rating.
This workshop will cover:
• Elements of the Reggio Emilia pedagogy
• Project Approach
• Links with the Early Years Learning Framework
• Provocations

Presented by Jacinta Damons

Sensory Regulation in an Educational Setting

29th March 2017, 7pm to 9pm

When the body is not regulated we are unable to learn.

All our sensory systems need to be in tune to be able to take in information from the world around us. For children, an education setting can have many sensory difficulties, and many children are only just able to hold it together let alone take in the information they need to be able to learn.

Have you got students like this? Come along a learn how you can facilitate sensory regulation in an educational setting to assist your students to become more regulated and ready to learn.

This workshop will cover:

  • What it means to have sensory deregulation

  • Triggers for sensory deregulation

  • Strategies to support children who have sensory processing disorder

Presented by Sally de Wijn



We are so very excited to be working with Sally de Wijn Therapy Services to provide Bush Therapy Sessions in Melbourne's Western suburbs - a first of it's kind!

We have no vacancies for our Term One program but you are welcome to pop your name down on our waitlist for when a spot does become available.  Call Sally on 0409 555 573 for more infomation.




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